How can I update my customers with important messages?

As a business owner, keeping your customers up to date with important information is key. There are a variety of times your business may unexpectedly be closed or your phones may be down. Business’s in New England may have needed to do this in the past two weeks with all the snow we have gotten. Its a time like this, you should try your best and provide the information online for users to easily find.


  • Update your Social Media: Social Media is a place made for customer interaction. Updating Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus gets to your message out there! People who also find that your social media account offers good information may result in more “likes” and “follows”.
  • Add a header message bar: If you are the owner of a wordpress website, there is an easy to use downloadable plugin called “GC Message Bar”. Once logged into wordpress, all you need to do is download and activate this plugin. Once activated, the program will pop up on the left side bar. Inside, you can write a customized message as well as choosing the right header color, and font style. This is an extremely effective route were any user who visits your website will receive this important message.


Updating your website with a message bar and updating your social media accounts may reduce the number of phone calls and will also increase your customers satisfaction.

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