How Can I Track Conversions on My Website?

Once your website is up and running, you’re going to want to be able to track how your content is performing and if you are reaching the right audience. This can be done through Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics.
After you have set up your Analytics property to track your website traffic, you should add goals to track your conversions. Goals can track conversions from form submissions, phone calls, signups and purchases, among other on-site actions. It is easier to set up similar actions as single goals, such as contact form submissions. You can have several contact forms on your site, but group them together as one goal to keep track of them in an orderly fashion. You can still view these goals broken down further to see exactly where they are coming from.
Setting up a goal is easy: after navigating to the Admin screen and going to the View panel on the righthand side, select Goals from the list of options. Click on the “+ New Goal” button and choose which type of goal you would like to set up. You can either create a goal within a template or set up a custom goal using specific parameters for your personal business goals. Name the goal and choose the type. Most business goals will fall under Event, like a click-to-call, or a Destination, like the thank you page after a form submission.  Setting up a Thank You page is the easiest way to track form submissions, and the same page can be used for different forms. You can also set up goals to track calls from clickable phone numbers on your website by inserting specific code to create an Event.
Setting up Goals can be simple, and is important when it comes to tracking your online efforts. Make sure you set them up quickly so you can track as much information as possible early on!

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