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How Can I Tell if My Website is Due for a Redesign?

Have you noticed a drop in your website activity recently? A website redesign might be able to help you gain back functionality and user experience, leading to many benefits for your business. The following factors are key in determining whether or not a website redesign is right for you at this moment:

You’re getting traffic, but not conversions

Your website is part of your marketing strategy, and users are meant to convert to potential customers through it. Your website is a tool to educate your customers about your products and services, informing them why and how your business can help. Each page should include places where users can convert, including purchase links, contact forms, clickable phone numbers and newsletter signups. If you aren’t seeing the needed ROI, a new website may be able to help. You’ll be able to keep elements from your current site that are working while creating a webpage that is easier to use and navigate while reading your content. A new design can open the possibility for additional calls to action on each page including in the header, sidebar and footer.

Your website is difficult to view on a phone or tablet

With the advent of smartphones, more and more people are looking up information and businesses on their phones rather than on desktop or laptop computers. If your website is not mobile friendly, you could be losing out on valuable traffic and conversions. You’ll be able to tell by two ways:

  • Your website has a high bounce rate on mobile devices, visible in Google Analytics
  • Checking your website on your phone. Can you easily read the text on your website? Are buttons visible and easily clicked? If not, and elements appear cluttered and on top of each other, a website redesign is a must to correct the problem and make your site more responsive on smaller screens.

Your website looks out-of-date

Like fashion, cars and shoes, website design has trends and major changes to tell its age. If your site was built in the early to mid-2000s, your customer base and potential clientele will be able to tell the difference from the sleek and mobile-friendly websites of today. If your website looks older, your customers may think that your business practices are old-fashioned and inefficient. Older sites can also take longer to load, causing users to navigate away to someone with a more efficient website.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

If you are interested in a new, mobile-friendly, optimized website, contact Boston Web Marketing today for a complimentary website audit!

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