How Can I Tell if My AdWords Account is in Trouble?

AdWords is constantly evolving and changing to add new capabilities and tracking methods, and it can be intimidating to try to keep up with everything. There are a few ways to spot an issue early and avoid potential disaster.
Are you updating your account regularly? If your change history doesn’t have anything updated recently, your content might be getting stale. AdWords Alpha is a new feature that shows the number of changes to the account at the top of the page, sorted by change type. It’s important to look at the further breakdown to see exactly what’s been changed: bid changes can be automated, but content changes happen less frequently and can affect your clickthrough rate.
AdWords has a tab called Opportunities, or recommended strategies Google automates for your account. Have any of these been implemented into your account? If any are irrelevant to your business goals, it’s best to ignore them but some may work to match or exceed your goals. These changes could range from keyword suggestions to bid adjustments. There is always room for improvement in SEO, and updating your keywords to get some fresh ones into the mix might be what you need to refresh your strategy and get new traffic to your website.
When it comes to AdWords, the strategy you initially start out with is not likely to be the one that takes you through the duration of your campaign. There will always be new keywords to better attain your goals, and new content to keep your ads fresh and circulating online. If you are looking for assistance with running and optimizing your AdWords campaign, Boston Web Marketing will be happy to help you. We will work with you to determine your business goals and the best way to attain them.

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