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How Can I Take Advantage of Local SEO?

Digital marketing continues to evolve every year and this year was no different. While many tend to see Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a broader scale, Local SEO is equally if not more important. Local SEO focuses on optimizing parts of your website for local areas around your business. Drawing and targeting local audiences is essential for local businesses. Here are the best ways you can make sure you are capitalizing on your local SEO. 

Step #1 Maximize Your Google My Business (GMB) Account 

Google My Business was created over seven years ago and continues to be a great tool for business owners. Not all businesses have a Google My Business account set up and that can be costly. Not only is setting up a Google My Business account free, it can relay important information to potential consumers. A Google My Business profile is often the first thing users will see when they search for a certain business, so your Google My Business management, or lack there of always comes into focus. With a Google My Business profile set up, you can easily edit company hours, share photos and interact with customers. 

Step #2 Have a Way To Stay Up To Date On Local News

Having a grasp of notable current events going on in the country and the world is always important, but having a feel for what is going on locally should never be neglected. When you stay informed of aspects happening locally around your business, you can cater your company to meet the needs and demands of customers. When your products and business is tailored the best way towards consumers, it can enable your company to thrive on a larger scale. 

Step #3 Perform a Local SEO Audit Every Few Months

Nothing can undermine a great SEO plan or ranking faster than inconsistent or incorrect information.It is important to make sure your business information such as business hours, phone numbers, etc. aligns correctly online. Nothing can be more frustrating or confusing to search engine crawlers or users than inaccurate business information.

Professional Local SEO Services in Boston, MA: Boston Web Marketing

At Boston Web Marketing, our team specializes in helping local businesses with their local SEO. Does your local SEO need a boost or improvement? Contact our friendly team to learn about the ways we can help out.

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