How Can I Tailor My Website To Optimize SEO?

While search engine optimization largely depends on the content within your website, your site’s architecture is also extremely important for SEO. There are multiple factors that make your website more usable for both search engines and users, which will in-turn result in better search engine results page rankings. Use these tips to help you build your website and optimize your search results!


One of the most important components of search engine optimization is the crawlability of your website. Crawlability is the ease with which search engines can navigate your website from page to page, which allows them to index the pages and have them appear in the appropriate search results. A good rule of thumb for crawlability is that you should be able to get from every page of your website to every other page on your site within a few clicks. To do this, you should make sure that all your pages are accessible through your homepage. This can be done using menus in the header and footer that link to each of your pages.


Another important component of search engine optimization is the speed in which your website loads. Google says that website speed is one of their ranking factors, so it’s critical that your website loads as fast as possible if you want to rank highly for relevant keywords and queries in the search engine results pages. You can check your website’s speed using Google’s PageSpeed Insights so you can see how it’s performing and if it’s speed is improving or declining. In order to speed up your website, we recommend using a plugin like NitroPack that will automatically make your site faster when it’s installed correctly.


A lesser known component of SEO is that your page’s URLs actually matter. This means rather than having a generic URL made up of random numbers and letters, you should customize each page’s URL slug with the title of the page or keywords. This will allow users to better understand what exactly your page is about, and will help Google know to rank it for similar keywords and phrases as well.

Mobile Friendliness

One more component of your website’s architecture that is important for SEO is that it’s mobile-friendly. In recent years, Google has begun to use mobile-first indexing, meaning that they crawl and index the mobile version of your website before the desktop version. For this reason, it’s extremely important that your website is fully accessible and good-looking on a mobile device, rather than just looking like a tiny version of your desktop site. You can customize how your website looks on mobile devices using web design tools such as Elementor, for example. Test out how your website looks on mobile by simply going to your website on your smartphone, then make adjustments using what you see as a reference!

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