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How Can I Structure Content on My Pages?

The worst thing to see on a website is just paragraphs upon paragraphs of text. Yes, the information can be important and have value to the user. However, it will not look aesthetically pleasing to the user which, in turn, will cause them to not even look at the information. To fix this problem, start using Header Tags with your content. Header tags are a great way to have a page look organized and give structure for search engine crawls. Each tag, h1-h6, tells the search engine and even the reader the level of importance of the content underneath the heading. H1 being the most important information on the page and h6 being less important than the other headers.

Header tags not only structure content on a page, but they also help with how Google ranks the value of content as well as keywords used. If you use relevant keywords in content on a page with header tags, you are only increasing your chances of getting a good ranking by Google. This is because the engine will notice that the content is relevant to the page as well as having structure that makes crawling easier.

When adding header tags, make sure that you do not skip, going from h1 to h3 without an h2, if you are going to use more than one. Showing organization on your website is not only attractive for users but attractive to search engines. Users will be able to navigate more easily and engines will be able to crawl and value your site more easily.

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