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How Can I Stay Up To Date With Social Media Trends?

Ever wonder how to keep up with social media updates when it seems like these changes that seem to happen overnight?

There is no shortage of changes to the social media industry which includes new features, consumer preferences, and brand awareness opportunities.  Social media trends can easily slow down traffic on your profiles if you don’t stay up to date.

While it’s impossible to predict how social media change, here are 7 tips on how you can stay up-to-date on the latest social media trends.

Read social media new sites and blogs

Industry experts are always the first to jump on trending topics in the social media world and will frequently update their blogs to keep readers informed about social media updates as they release.

Listen to podcasts

Social media podcasts give listeners an opportunity to learn about updates from social media experts and influences in the form of interviews, case studies, and rundowns of breaking news. Podcasts are good for when you don’t have time to read, want to listen during your commute, at home, or when you’re looking for a break from your computer screen.

Watch YouTube videos

Podcasts are great to listen to, but content creators on YouTube give viewers virtual breakdowns of social media updates that provide thorough, talked-through explanation of the updates. YouTube content creators also provide in-depth tutorials on how the update works, rather than sticking to listening to an interview.

“Follow” influencers

Social media gurus always share their thoughts on what’s new in social media via Twitter. If you find someone who gives thoughtful insight, “follow” them and catch up on their tweets regularly.

See what’s “trending”

Twitter and Instagram each have explore pages, and Facebook features “Trending” stories that show relevant and up to date content. If a social media platform released breaking news, these platforms would feature the story in those sections.

Set up Google Alerts

You can set up emailed Google Alerts for your favorite social media guru or trending topics, which will help you stay up to date on any breaking news in the industry.  Google Alerts will also forefront sources from news articles, scientific research, and well accredited blog posts for your alerts.

Join groups on LinkedIn

Joining discussion groups on LinkedIn is as social as it gets by introducing you to other social media enthusiasts and LinkedIn influencers with whom you can network with and ask questions.

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