How Can I Speed Up My SEO Efficiency?

Everybody is looking at optimizing their website the best way possible and this includes looking for more tools and tips to help with the process. With the help of some Google Chrome extensions, you can increase your efficiency within daily SEO tasks. These extensions can help save you time and allow your work load run smoother.

5 Free Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

Check My Links: This extension allows for checking on-page links much faster. Just a few clicks and you can see how many links are on a page and whether or not some are 404 error links. The ability to check for 404 errors may be its best tool.

Awesome Screenshot: If you are putting together a report for a client or just want to track your search result rankings, awesome screenshot if great you. Easily take screenshots of the entire page or just a small section, crop it and add text or colorful boxes. This is a great tool to gage your success within search terms that you are trying to improve upon.

Word Count: If you are performing a SEO audit on website and word count is part of your process, this can be a huge help. Instead of copying text into Microsoft word, a quick click of the button can show you a word count overview on different pages.

User-Agent Switcher: This extension allows you to quickly and easily look at a website from different web browsers on other devices straight from your laptop. When troubleshooting the look and feel of a website along with SEO factors, this tool can save you a lot of time.

Website Insight: This handy extension is very helpful for people interested in website design. It has the ability to show a user what cms a site was built on, what theme they are using, the hosting for domain & website files, JavaScript, Analytics, and more!

Anything that can make your life and job easier can only help increase the amount of time you have during the day. With more time, you can put more work into other SEO work.

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