How Can I See Analytics on Instagram?

Business’ can now turn their Instagram’s into Business Profiles! Companies of any size can now switch to a business profile, get insights about posts and followers, and even promote their posts! (all from the mobile app). You can now put valuable information in your profile; such as your business address and contact info.


How to Convert to A Business Profile:

Log-in to Instagram

Go to your profile

Tap Instagram insights

Tap “Switch to Business Profile”

Select the Facebook Page which you would like to associate with your Business Profile on Instagram (you must have a Facebook Page to create a business profile)

Check your business contact information (this information gets pulled in from Facebook)

Tap Done

Instagram insights

Switching to a Business Profile will now help companies optimize their social media, understand their followers, and further better their business!


How To View Your Business Insights:

Go to your profile

Tap Instagram insights


Insights Shown On Instagram:

Impressions: the total number of times your post or story was seen

Reach: how many people viewed your post or story

Website Clicks: how many people clicked the website link on your profile

Address Clicks: how many people clicked on your address to get directions

Follower Activity: days and times with the most traffic

Demographics: gender, age & location

Top Posts: which posts had the most likes

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