How Can I See Analytics on Instagram?

Business’ can now turn their Instagram’s into Business Profiles! Companies of any size can now switch to a business profile, get insights about posts and followers, and even promote their posts! (all from the mobile app). You can now put valuable information in your profile; such as your business address and contact info.

How to Convert to A Business Profile:

Log-in to Instagram

Go to your profile

Tap “Switch to Business Profile”

Select the Facebook Page which you would like to associate with your Business Profile on Instagram (you must have a Facebook Page to create a business profile)

Check your business contact information (this information gets pulled in from Facebook)

Tap Done

Switching to a Business Profile will now help companies optimize their social media, understand their followers, and further better their business!

How To View Your Business Insights:

Go to your profile

Insights Shown On Instagram:

Impressions: the total number of times your post or story was seen

Reach: how many people viewed your post or story

Website Clicks: how many people clicked the website link on your profile

Address Clicks: how many people clicked on your address to get directions

Follower Activity: days and times with the most traffic

Demographics: gender, age & location

Top Posts: which posts had the most likes

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