How Can I Schedule Tweets for Free?

Following the trend set by competitor FaceBook, Twitter updated its advertising tools on Monday, allowing marketers to pre-schedule and publish tweets directly from Twitter. Unfortunately, scheduling is only available to Twitter Business users.

If you are a normal user and this functionality still appeals to you, there are many third-party social media management tools that can provide the same service and make the task of tweeting more efficient. Here’s 3 easy-to-use twitter tools that we highly suggest that are most importantly FREE!

  • Twuffer

This user-frientdly interface allows you to create a list of tweets and schedule them via a calendar based format. Keep track of your tweets – past and present – with a list of organized posts by date.

  • LaterBro

Sign in with and authorized account, set your timeline, and easily schedule tweets with this tool. You can also schedule Facebook statuses making the task of posting on social media twice as fast and easy.

  • FutureTweets

As the name explains, use this tool to create tweets for the future. Sign in and schedule your tweet in minutes. This tool even has a list of preset emojis for you to use.

Give one of these tools a try and tweet us @bostonwebmarket!

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