How Can I Remove Specific Content From Google?

Having something removed can mean a variety of different things to different people. And when it comes to Google, sometimes truly removing what already exists on the internet can be virtually impossible. However, if your business wants to remove information that is appearing on Google that in unhelpful or potentially dangerous for your business, there are avenues you can take. Depending on where the information is, it may be possible to get it off Google.

Why Would I Remove Something From Google?

The role of a marketer is to rank high on search engines like Bing, Firefox & Google. I spend a decent amount of time looking for the newest and most competitive strategies to get my client’s websites to rank higher. High rankings can generate business. Which is why it can be strange when a client wants something removed. But there are many good reasons for removal. For instance, maybe a phone number, bank account number, or other private information is showing up in search. Or perhaps, pages that are supposed to be private are ranking on Google. If this case there are a few steps to take.

Removing Information From Your Website

The first and most important step is to remove info from your website. If you are on Google and a link to your website has a bad page title or meta description, you need to handle it on your end first. Find the page or pages that list that information and delete the information of the pages. Make sure to check alt text, page titles, and meta descriptions. On Google, the information displayed is made up of anything Google can scan off of that particular webpage. So always start there. If an entire page is wrong or shouldn’t be ranking add a “no index” and “no follow” meta tag. These tags tell search engines to skip these pages when they scan websites.

Update Google/Bing & Other Search Engines

The next step is often overlooked. Many website owners see a problem on their website, delete it, and are shocked when it is still on Google. This is because Google doesn’t update the search results instantly. Think about it like Google’s street view features. New images need to be taken to reflect changes to streets and buildings. These images do not update instantly. But there is a solution. Google has provided Google Search Console, and Bing has provided Bing Webmasters. If a webpage is updated it could take weeks before Google crawls it again and updates how it appears in search. To expedite this process, set up a Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters account for all four properties of your website.

Setting Up Google Search Console

As stated above you should setup GSC for all four of your website properties.

  • http://yourwebsite
  • https://yourwebsite
  • http://www.yourwebsite
  • https://www.yourwebsite (if you do not have an SSL certificate you will not be able to setup https versions of the site)

Once you have these setup, you can use the request indexing feature to speed up the process. With this feature, Google can scan one of your pages quickly so that changes that were made are reflected in hours instead of days or weeks. It still will not be instant, but it will be much quicker. Additionally, adding an XML sitemap of your website to Google Search Console can help improve the speed at which changes made to the website are reflected in search. Once completed, follow the same steps with Bing.

Get Help With Your Business’ Website

As an SEO agency it is not only our goal to make our client’s website appear higher in search results, but also to appear better in search results. Well written content, page titles and meta descriptions can improve not only your placement but your overall presence online. If you would like help in improving your website’s search appearance, contact Boston Web Marketing.

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