How Can I Refresh My Blog Content in the New Year?

If you’ve had your blog up for a long time, there’s a decent chance you have a lot of older content that’s no longer being viewed as much as your current posts. If you have content that’s still relevant to your industry and business goals, you can take this opportunity to freshen up your old posts with fresh content and optimization to help your rankings on search engines.

How are your numbers?

To see what people are looking at on your site, you should have a Google Analytics tracking code installed. You can tell what people are looking at by viewing your pages by traffic. Any posts that aren’t receiving traffic or under-performing can be audited for improvement.

Reworking existing content

No that you’ve located which old blogs aren’t performing well it’s time to start re-optimizing them. Begin by taking a look at your page title and meta description. Have your main keywords shifted since the blog was posted? If your keywords are still relevant to the blog, edit your title and description to include your new search queries. Do your images contain alt text? Alt text helps search engines scan your images for relevant searches. Make sure each image is properly named and tagged, including your business name where appropriate. Optimize the post URL by using long-tail keywords or the post name so the URL is concise and easy to understand, by both readers and search engines. Make sure you copy or write down the existing URL.

Reworking the content itself

Once you have checked the technical aspects of the post, focus your attention to the content. If it reads back and does not match the current tone of your site, rewrite the post with updated, relevant information about your industry and business. Industries can change at a breakneck pace, and the blog you wrote about the standard three years ago may not match what your current practice is. Once you have rewritten your blog and optimized your URL, change the publish date to that day so search engines can begin indexing the post. Before you log out, make sure to set a 301 redirect from the old post to the new one to maintain healthy backlinks to your content, as well as any bookmarks readers may have to your website. If you have changed themes or layouts and carried the post over, this is also the best time to optimize the page’s layout so it matches the rest of your website.

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