How can I Reduce Bounce Rates in my AdWords Display Campaign?

A bounce rate is the number of people who come to your website and leave quickly. They never end up viewing a second page. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing. You could have already answered the user’s question and they didn’t find it necessary to go onto another page.

Bounce rates can fluctuate based on the type of business and purpose of a certain page. A retail website may have a lower bounce rate compared to a landing page with a sole call to action, causing the bounce rate to increase.

Many think that a high bounce rate affects Google’s ranking algorithm and your organic traffic. If you are using paid advertising and have a high bounce rate, it might be time to look into making some changes.

Here are some suggestions on decreasing your website bounce rate in AdWords:

  1. Landing Page

Make sure your landing page is making a statement and representing your business to the user.

  1. Page Speed

How long does it take your page to load? If a page is taking too long to load, instead of waiting, users will most likely leave the website.

  1. Mobile Friendly

A lot of users are using their mobile devices for internet searching. You want a mobile friendly website so users can find the information they need easily, without inconveniencing themselves. If the content is difficult to find or view on a mobile device, they may just move on to the next website that is mobile friendly.

  1. Call to Action

Whatever your end goal is for a user (buying a product, calling you, etc.), there should be a clear way for the user to do this. The user shouldn’t have to search around for a contact form or to find out more information on a product. Have it easily accessible so the user does not get annoyed and leave.

For more information on reducing your bounce rate or to speak to a specialist, contact Boston Web Marketing at 857-526-0096.

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