How Can I Recover After Losing Search Rankings?

As we know, SEO takes a lot of work. Writing, optimizing content, and researching keywords take time and effort. So it feels great to see results from your work and see your pages climbing up SERPs. Sometimes, your traffic and rankings can take a dive, and it isn’t a good feeling. It may feel like all of your hard work has gone to waste, but we’ve got some tips for recovering your hard-earned spots atop organic search results.

Analyze the Drop

The first step in solving whatever the issues are that caused your website to lose search rankings is and analyzing just how far you’ve dipped. There isn’t a one size fits all solution for gaining back your rankings. First, search by your keywords and see where you’re at, take a look at the results ahead of you, and compare them to your website. 

Am I Being Penalized?

Google’s goal is to provide users with access to accurate information and content that they’re searching for on the internet. To do this, it continually works its algorithms to identify the best and most relevant content on the web to deliver to users. Sometimes, though, Google finds issues with your site that causes your site to be penalized. Whether you’re being penalized deservedly or not, it’s important to get them fixed. Some of the common ways to tell if you’re being penalized are when you aren’t ranking for your brand name, lost first positions, and difficulty finding your homepage in search results. It isn’t always clear when you’re site is being penalized, but these signs are almost guarantees. 

Why am I Being Penalized, and How Can I Fix It?

Content on the internet is constantly being reviewed, and Google is indexing and revising that content. Some of the most common reasons for being penalized by Google are buying links, excessive link sharing, and duplicate content.

Buying Links: A black hat SEO tactic that isn’t as commonly used as it once was is buying links. This boosts your page rank through backlinks, but you will be penalized, and your site will lose all benefits you gained. Never buy links for your website.

Excessive Link Sharing: This one is in a similar vein to buying links. While not as nefarious, reciprocating links with the same website over and over will eventually lead to Google catching on and dropping your rankings. 

Duplicate Content: This one should be a no-brainer for anyone who has gone through any level of schooling. You can’t turn the same content into Google repeatedly and expect results. Duplicate content makes your site look redundant and will hurt all of the pages with the same content on them.

Following best practices when it comes to SEO is the best way to avoid penalties. If you’re interested in boosting your website’s search rankings, contact our team at Boston Web Marketing today. Our team of SEO Specialists is excited to help. 

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