How Can I Re-Optimize Old Content?

When you think of the most important elements of an SEO strategy, content should be at the top of your list! Being able to put out informative and reliable content on a regular basis not only helps to increase trust between you and your audience, but between your website and Google’s algorithms. One of the big problems with content writing is that once certain pieces age, they start to become more irrelevant. Re-optimizing that content can help you improve its standing in relation to your newer work, but how can you get this done? We share some helpful tips for doing so below!

Refresh Your Internal Links

When you write a new blog post or service page, you always want to make sure you’re promoting navigation on your website through the use of internal links. When uploading this content for the first time, your options for internal links will be slightly more limited, as you can only link back to posts you’ve already made. With your newer content, you can link back to the older pieces you wish to promote! At the same time, you can refresh your internal links on the old content. Instead of having it link to past work, attach it to something you’ve written more recently. You’ll be able to promote navigation between all ages of content this way!

Expand Upon What You’ve Written

Let’s say you wrote a blog last year that gains significantly more traffic than your other blogs. The reason for this is likely because the content answers a burning question that people have in an informative and insightful way. Once you’ve determined the success of this piece, don’t just leave it as it is! You can essentially turn that content into its own landing page by expanding upon it. Ask yourself these questions: how can I expand upon the knowledge I’ve already presented? How can I further tie it back to my business’s services? These are just two ways you can expand upon an existing piece of content.

Audit The Page

If your old content isn’t ranking that great compared to your new content, it may be time to take a deeper dive into why that is. Doing a full website audit can help you discover the cracks in your SEO strategy, and some programs are so comprehensive that you’ll be able to view errors by page. Employ this strategy for your old content – it will allow you to see and correct things that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise!

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