How Can I Rank Well on YouTube?

Youtube is a juggernaut in the online video world. They seamlessly dominate all online video sites with hundreds of thousands of videos being watched each day. Businesses have turned to Youtube as another means of advertising online with the hope of bringing exposure and potential customers their way. There is no doubt that if done correctly you can truly take advantage of its uses.

As YouTube is owned by Google, they also have an extremely rigorous and complex ranking system for all videos that get posted. Posting a video far from means that people will watch it, so you have to be sure that people are organically coming across you. Here are a few tactics you should be sure to take if you want to rank well for your YouTube videos:

Content & Consistency

Similar to how multiplying pages on a website is good for Google, pushing out high-quality videos is good for a Youtube channel. YouTube has so many videos that it is extremely important to create video content that stands out. If one of your videos goes viral that’s great, but what really matters is getting people to subscribe and build a relationship with your channel. The one viral video can definitely help you get found but you need to be consistent and keep putting out creative and unique content to keep people interested in you and your brand. 

Video Ideas

While you may have many different ideas and options for starting your video & channel, where should you start? Youtube has been extremely nice to videos that surround the topics of “how-to”, service reviews, tutorials, fitness & sports, or anything deemed as being “cute”. If your business can be expanded or explained through these categories you are on the right path. 

Video Keywords

For a website trying to be found on Google, using the right keywords in the page title, in the back end of the site and on the page are crucial for ranking success. The same works with YouTube. Optimizing the video file name, channel description, video title and description & comment section with the relevant text you want to be found for, is a must-have. Videos not being optimized in all these sections are at a loss of potential exposure.


Getting your video linked on credible websites will do wonders for your video. If you have been around the SEO world and have any knowledge, you should know that backlinks are crucial for ranking on Google. Youtube is no different.

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What we have learned is that optimizing for YouTube Channels and Videos are not too much different than ranking for Google. Target an audience, create engaging videos, and optimize with the steps above and take your best shot! If you’re looking for SEO services to assist you in optimizing your business on Google or YouTube contact Boston Web Marketing today! 

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