How Can I Promote My Blog through Social Media?

A great way to promote your company or brand is through blogging. Studies have shown that companies received 80% more new visits and 6 times more traffic with over 200 blog posts.

New visits, through blog posts, can be acquired through the following:

  • Referral links
  • Organic search
  • Direct links
  • Email

Typically, after a blog is written, the author will share it on various social media platforms or will encourage readers to share as well. If you’re looking to share your blog posts in a more advanced way, we have some suggestions that may help!

  • Whenever you get the chance, create blog posts that include surveys, stats and studies. For some reason, readers love data and the chances of your post generating more traffic increases. Readers aren’t always going to leave social media to read a post on a website. For this reason, try to add a chart of some sort in your social media post with a link to the full post at the end.
  • To broaden your reach on social media, a great tactic is to co-author on blog posts. Let’s say that you have 500 followers and you co-author with someone who has 500 followers, that’s a potential of 1000 followers who will read your blog posts.
  • A subtle way to promote yourself is to re-tweet or re-share a post of yours from a follower on your social media accounts.
  • By turning your blog titles into questions, you’ll make the reader wonder if they’re missing out on something by not reading your post.
  • When related news comes out about a previous blog post, re-share that post to stay up to date with the news.
  • To receive interaction on social media, ask for participation! You can do this by asking for a vote or opinion on a specific topic and then link to your post saying something like, “here are my thoughts”. If you received enough feedback, you can do a follow-up post about the information you got from readers.

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