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How Can I Promote My Blog on Instagram?

Whether you have a food blog, a travel blog, or your blog is a small part of your website, it’s important to try and increase its traffic. Whatever your website’s niche, there is an audience for you just waiting for you to invest in your Instagram strategy. Boost your blog’s website traffic with these key tips:

Use the “link in bio.”

While you can only have one link in your Instagram bio at one time, it’s hard to keep up with switching it out every time you post a new blog. Not only is this a tedious process, but it takes potential clicks away from previous posts and limits the number of eyes on your blog. 

There are multiple different “link in bio” tools you can utilize in your bio, allowing you to have multiple different website destinations. You can customize the buttons or have the link mimic your Instagram feed allowing your visitors to find blogs even easier. 

Check out some of the best “link in bio” tools to utilize for your business’s Instagram. 

Include a clear “call-to-action.”

Simply including the link to your blog is not enough. You want to entice your audience to actually go there and click on the link to find your posts. Having a clear call to action on your posts, stories, or Reels can help drive traffic and boost your engagement. 

Call-outs, on-screen text, and enticing copy are all simple ways to integrate into your strategy. Try out one at a time for different posts to see what works best with your audience. 

Share your posts on stories.

With the link sticker being rolled out to all Instagram users, Stories has become a simple way to drive additional traffic to your blog. Make sure you’re creating as much attention to this sticker as possible to really get your traffic up. Do this by creating customizable story templates or simply using gifs for attention.

Another great tip is to save your stories to your highlights. Organize your highlights around your content to help visitors find what they’re looking for and to make your posts accessible after they disappear. 

Tease content in the captions

Use the captions to convince your audience they need to know more. Start with an interesting snippet, and invite them to the link in your bio. Don’t give away all of your content secrets in the post itself or the caption. 

Try writing out all of your captions in advance, so you’re able to tweak them as needed. 

Prioritize video

You’re going to hear about video content a lot, as Instagram is prioritizing Reels and video content more than ever. It’s important for your strategy to plan out your promotional content to play into what Instagram wants to see.

Create Reels around the content of your post, or check out these easy Reel ideas to integrate into your strategy. 

Utilize the New Adobe Instagram Story Maker

Adobe has published a brand new online tool to create custom designs for Instagram Stories. Elevate your Instagram stories with captivating content using Adobe Express. Dive into a world of templates, where you can either upload your own photos or select from an extensive collection of free images, icons, and graphics to craft your unique story design. Crafting your story is a breeze – simply pick a template, personalize it, and then share your masterpiece. Discover more about Adobe’s Free Online Custom Instagram Story Maker here.

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