How Can I Prep My SEO Strategy For My New Website?

Although there are many important aspects when launching your new website, your SEO strategy should be one of the primary considerations. Building your website around your current SEO strategy will save a lot of time for factors such as URL structures, web development, and more. 

Instead of scrambling for SEO practices after your website is up, begin now! Your new website can start with low-competition keywords until it matures and grows into a well-ranking website. Continue reading for more SEO practices to implement into the building of your new website. 

Begin with the Basics

Choosing the right domain name is essential for your SEO strategy. Make sure to align your company name to your domain name. Furthermore, research options to purchase your domain from; a popular choice is The next step is to find a high-speed website hosting provider. The quality of your host greatly impacts your site’s performance; therefore, poor hosting that affects the speed of your website will deter searchers and potential customers. 

Study Your Competition

It is important to be aware of your competitors for your SEO strategy. Consider the similarities and differences between their company and yours and their content topics and keyword rankings. The companies with excellent SEO practices and rankings are those you want to beat. 

After identifying your competitors, you will need to consider them when performing keyword research. Conducting a keyword gap analysis will help you figure out which keywords to use to rank compared to your competitors. 

Conduct Keyword Research 

Keywords are the priority in your SEO strategy because they connect search queries to your content. Google uses keywords to present the most valuable information to searchers. In order to know which terms people are searching for that are relevant to your company, you must perform keyword research. This can help guide your marketing plan and SEO strategy to increase organic visibility, rankings, and traffic. Think about search intent, analyze your competition, and choose the best keywords for your business. 

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