How Can I Optimize Pinterest?

Pinterest has become one of the most creative ways in which social media can help promote your business or common interests all across the web. Not only does having a Pinterest account for your business benefit you in a sense that you can explore your industry and see what other business’ such as yours are ‘pinning’, but you are promoting your brand and providing a high quality link back to your website.

Here are some suggestions for you, as a business owner, in properly optimizing your Pinterest account:

  • Make sure your profile description is accurate. This is your chance to reach a whole new audience especially because so many people are on Pinterest who may have never heard of you before. Take this chance to promote your brand. Use your company’s logo, as well as contact information so they can easily find where you are located and what services you provide.
  • Organize your boards. Make sure that your boards are properly organized and represent what you, as a company, has to offer. If you are a salon promoting your business on Pinterest, separate your boards into different sections such as; Products, Hair Tools, Wedding Up-Do’s, Ombre, Bayalage, etc. Make it easy and user friendly for your users to search your boards! Friendly tip: What about organizing your boards alphabetically?
  • Review your pins. In order to optimize a user’s experience and make boards as visually pleasing as possible, delete duplicate pins and pins with broken pictures. It’s also important for your images to bring the user somewhere, so make sure that these links go back to your website.
  • Pin Me! You should have a Pinterest button as part of your social media cluster of icons on your website. Did you know that WordPress has a “Social Sharing Toolkit” widget that allows you to add a “pin it” button to the top of each page on your website? You can also add these to your blog posts!

As a business owner, you should take advantage of all social media sources. Why not get creative and have a Pinterest account? It is a great way to optimize your business across the internet, plus you get to have a little fun while doing it!

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