How can I Optimize Pinterest to Increase Traffic to my Site?

Pinterest is an underrated platform that can be used to increase traffic to any website. With over 335 million users every month, it covers a wide range of topics that can improve organic traffic for any business. With a few tips and tricks, you can learn how to best optimize your Pinterest business profile. Learn more about engaging with the followers your business already has here.

After you have created a Pinterest business account, our tips can help you make the most out of your account and bring in more traffic. 

Pinterest Keyword Research

Conducting keyword research on Pinterest is likely the most important step when creating new pins. A user’s Pinterest feed is made up of related terms and ideas similar to what they have been searching for in the past. By utilizing proper keywords, you can increase the impressions your pins get.

Using the search bar to see other related searches can help specify exactly what you want your pins to rank for. Also, after conducting a search on Pinterest, subcategories come up to help searches be even more specific. Here you can see all related searches to more general ones. 

After getting your specific keywords, create longer pin titles and descriptions. It’s important to be detailed with your descriptions that include your keywords. This will allow them to show up on the user’s feeds and provide a brief description of the content. This can help entice a user to click on the pin and end up on your site. 

Optimize your Boards

For the same reasons you should optimize your pins with keywords, you should also optimize your boards. This helps users know what your account is all about. Keeping it organized and visually appealing will entice more users to follow specific boards or your entire account. 

Joining or creating group boards are another good way to gain exposure for your account. Group boards allow multiple users to pin their content that already has a large following. Be sure to follow other relevant boards and pin consistent to your own boards to gain a higher following. 

Create Visually Appealing Pins

Pinterest prioritizes pins that are longer than others. The best size to aim for when adding images is 1000 x 1500px. Also aim to use high- quality images that are relevant to what your pin is about. Pinterest’s Lens Technology allows the algorithm to recognize what is in the image, and relate it to other searches even if there are no keywords. Think of it as an extra layer of keyword research. Many users use Pinterest to create an aesthetic or inspiration for different events, so using high-quality images can improve the chance of getting repinned to another board. 

Use Pinterest Ads

While following these tips are great ways to increase traffic organically, many accounts also use Pinterest ads to improve their following. Pinterest allows you to promote standard images, videos, collections, or shopping pins so choose the one that will work best for your business. When collecting keywords, ads also shows you the estimated reach specific keywords will get when being promoted. The general rules when creating Facebook ads are the same rules you should follow when creating Pinterest ads. Learn more about those rules here

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