How Can I Optimize Pinterest This Holiday Season?

It is well known that Pinterest is one of the most creative ways in which social media can help promote your business, products, or to simply engage with your target audience. Not only does having a Pinterest account for your business benefit you as you can promote your brand as well as the services and products you sell. It also benefits your business as you can see what others in the industry are “pinning” so you can formulate a competitive advantage. What makes Pinterest so popular is that, like Instagram, it is image-based and with the holiday season in full effect, you can use this season to your business’s advantage.

4 Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest This Holiday Season


Share Holiday Pins or Boards With Your Email List

As a business owner, over time you should start to have an ever-growing email list as you do work for different clients and have different users sign up for your email newsletters. With it being the holiday season, Pinterest is a gold mine for holiday-themed ideas ranging from cooking ideas to interior design decorations. If you have pins that cater to the holidays, be sure to share these pins or boards with your email list. You can word it in a way to have them either look at them right away or save for later. Either way, it is a great way to boost traffic to your website during the holidays.

Use Popular & Seasonal Keywords

When creating pins and boards on Pinterest for the holidays, you will always want to make sure that it leads the consumers to your website to make a conversion you seem fit. A great way to do this during the holidays is to research popular and seasonal keywords you can plug into each pin or board. What makes Pinterest great for businesses is that it works like a search engine and not a social media platform. While not all of your pins may be season or holiday influenced, having a few pins or boards that cater to popular keywords during the holidays is a great way to get traffic to those types of Pinterest content on your page that will lead users to your website.

Create A Gift Guide

The biggest searches during the holidays will usually involve the words “gift” or “present” so why not take advantage of that? Creating a gift guide pin or board is a great way to boost traffic to your website as holiday pins are usually popular during this season so it will be viewed by many. Even if the holiday season is over, users are always looking for new gift-giving ideas for all types of celebrations. When making a guide be sure to not list too many items, keep it simple for users to read, and make sure that you make guides specific to your target audience. A gift guide “for him” or “for her” is great but you can go deeper and include things that cater to your business as well as your audience. For example, guides like “gifts for women who love nature” or “gifts for your hardworking plumber”.

Redirect Old Products To A New Page or Product

We are sure you have old pins or boards of past products or services you have done in the past. If these old Pinterest posts are still getting a good amount of traffic, why not use them? Redirect your old pins so users are brought to new products you may be promoting or a section of your website offering holiday specials. Just like with a regular page, no one wants to be brought to a 404 error page, so send them to where you want them to go. Not only will they find a holiday benefit, but they will also give you the leads you are looking for.

As a business owner, you should take advantage of all social media sources. With Pinterest being a search engine type social media, why not get creative and have content on your Pinterest account catered to the holidays?

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