How Can I Optimize My YouTube Videos for Local SEO Purposes?

With YouTube being the number world’s number 2 search engine, more and more businesses are ramping up their online presence with videos. Some businesses use this opportunity to create an ad for themselves, but the best videos will try to educate consumers. Examples of good videos include talking about your industry, a how-to guide, and “public service” videos such as choosing the right kind of product or service. Although a videos success largely depends on how interesting the content is, these tips will be sure to provide benefit when optimizing YouTube videos for local SEO results.

Add a Geotag
This is the first step you should always take when uploading a video. In the advanced settings of the Video Manager, you will find a search field where you can input the address of the location the video was filmed at. A marker will appear on a mini map, which you can move around to refine your location.

Name, Address, Phone Number, URL

While you edit your videos, be sure to include your business name, address, phone number, and a link to the website at the end of the video. If possible, state these pieces of info in the video itself. Google uses its interpretation algorithms to extract words and text.

Business Link
When writing out the description for your video, include a link to your business’ website near the top. After all, this is where we want visitors to end up to generate conversions.

Description Field

YouTube’s description field is very generous with their character count. You can write up to 5000 characters. Although your initial paragraph should be as close to 160 characters as you can get it, and should clearly describe the video, a section should be included after, describing the company.

Google+ & Places
This one is really simple. Be sure to associate all your YouTube videos with your local Google+ page and also on your Google Business Places. People like watching videos, so Google likes them too, and rewards those who make quality videos.

One factor that helps in determining the popularity of a video is the times it has been embedded on another page. Be sure to embed your video within your own website and blog.


Use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to promote your videos, to an audience within your geo location. The more views your videos get, the better chance that it will rank high.

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