How Can I Optimize My Website for the Hummingbird Algorithm?

Hummingbird is a Google Algorithm that is fast and precise when it come to each word in a search query. As it focuses on long-tail keywords, the algorithm is beneficial when it comes to voice to search and Apple’s Siri application. Just like optimizing your website for the previous Google Algorithms, it’s important to optimize your website for the Hummingbird algorithm.
1. Optimize for long-tail keywords. Use phrases and long-tail keywords throughout your content that your target audience might be using in searches.
2. Optimize for mobile. With the increasing number of users visiting websites on their mobile devices, it is important to have a mobile friendly and optimized website. In addition to this, many users are using their mobile devices to ask questions and if your site isn’t mobile friendly, it won’t rank high enough to drive traffic to your website.
3. Utilize schema markup. Using schema markup, structured data, and Google Rich Snippets on each of your pages allows Google to further understand the content on your page and bring users the best content for the questions they are asking.
4. Answer questions. Include a FAQ page on your website and create “frequently asked question” themed blog posts to help further optimize your website for Hummingbird. Answering questions is a great way to tie in with the long-tail keywords that users will be asking in a query.

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