How Can I Optimize My Site’s Contact Forms?

Contact forms are an essential part of SEO and having users convert on your site. Sometimes users will look at lengthy contact forms and decide to skip it altogether. You have to make it appealing so that users will want to take the time to fill it out. How can business owners optimize their contact form to attract more business? Here are some tips:

Limit the Amount of Info Needed

Having too many fields that need to be filled in can turn potential customers away. Getting simple information, such as their name, phone, and email can be good enough. When you contact them after you receive the form, that’s when you can ask them for more details.

Required Info 

Indicating which fields are required to be filled out can make the form process a lot easier for users. If they fill it out, submit, and get an error, chances are they might leave your site and go elsewhere. Mark what is needed and what’s not.


The layout and look of your contact form on the phone may look different than on a desktop. If people are looking quickly on their phones for a contractor or other company, they will fill it out right there and then. Make it easier for them to utilize. If it looks strange on mobile, take the time to make it more readable or accessible. 

Avoid Using The Word “Submit”

After a user fills out your form, they have to click a button to send it to you. On that button, avoid saying “submit”. Opt for something specific to your business. Maybe along the lines of “Click to get your free estimate” or “One step closer to your new kitchen”. Submit is known to be one of the lowest-performing words in terms of getting a lead. 

After Submitting The Form

Typically, after submitting a contact form, it will redirect you to a thank you page or something along those lines. It will also usually have a message – something like “Thank you for contacting us! We will get back to you shortly”. Try to make it more appealing to the user. They might feel better about getting your response if you give a time frame of 24 hours or adding in that they can call if they don’t hear back from you within a certain time. Give them another option other than just patiently waiting for an email or call. 

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