How Can I Optimize My Site for Local SEO?

Imagine you’re out for a stroll and want to pick up some Thai food for yourself. You open up your web browser and you type in “Thai food” or “Thai food near me.” You’ll notice that there’s an immediate list of businesses that sell Thai food within your proximity. That’s because Google’s algorithms have created a search result that has taken both your search query and your location into consideration. Those businesses that appear in your search results that match your search query are the result of them optimizing their websites for local SEO. When your website is optimized for local search optimization, your site becomes more competitive with searches pertaining to the industry you work in within your immediate area. Here are some tips you can follow that can help your site rank higher from a local SEO standpoint.

Create a Google My Business Account 

If your goal is to rank higher on Google, then use as many of the resources it provides, including Google My Business. Registering your company with Google My Business gives you the opportunity to further legitimize it with the search engine. It confirms that your business is real and has information that can be shareable. When you create an account, there are many things you can provide that will bode well for your rankings. This includes

  • Business hours (make sure to keep it updated during holidays!)
  • Photos of your business such as the outside of your building, logos, etc
  • A clickable link of your phone number (great for those conversions!)
  • The most important part – your business’ address!

By creating and claiming a Google My Business account, you’re more likely to rank higher on search engine result pages and provide an easier way for both potential and returning customers to find you online. Did we mention that this is completely free to sign up for?

Create City/Service Area Pages 

Service area pages are pieces of content that are a useful way to help with your website’s local SEO ranking. This is your opportunity to write content that applies keywords or phrases that you want to be found for while also extending your services to other areas through an online platform.   It helps to place the name of the area in the headers of your content so that Google can easily identify the intent of it, which in this case is providing services to a specific area. These pieces of content should include not just the name of the city itself, but also a well-detailed description of your services and why they are relevant to the city/area you intend to provide them with. Simply creating one service area page and then copying and pasting the same content into another with a different city/area in the title is considered black hat SEO and will be penalized by Google. Always be sure to play a call to action that includes a clickable link that can lead to conversions such as a phone number or email address.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly 

Over half of Google searches done in the US alone are done on a mobile device. In fact, it is so common that Google’s indexing policies have moved to a mobile-first basis, meaning that the mobile version of your website is the starting point for when bots begin to crawl and index your site’s pages. Create the best possible mobile experience for your site, and you can positively affect your search rankings, especially on a local level.

Place Relevant Internal Links on Your Pages 

Linking to different pages on your website (aka internal linking) can be a big-time asset when it comes to building your local SEO. In essence, by hyperlinking to various pages that highlight important aspects of your company, you’re telling Google what parts of your site are the most important ones. From a user experience standpoint, it will also show users the different avenues of your website that they can explore the moment they enter any of your site’s pages. 

Boston Web Marketing’s team of SEO Professionals takes numerous approaches to optimize your website’s local SEO. From optimizing Google My Business, to well written and researched content, our methods will positively contribute to organic search results. Contact us by phone at (857) 526-0096 or fill out a contact form today.


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