How Can I Optimize My Service Area Pages?

Creating service area pages for your business can do wonders for local SEO. Service area pages are pages on your website specific to a town, city, or region that your business serves. These pages are great for driving traffic to your site from a particular location. Here are our top tips for optimizing your service area pages to maximize SEO benefits:

Research Relevant Keywords In Your Target Location

The first step in creating and optimizing your service area pages is to perform keyword research to learn how people in your target area are searching for your business. Once you’ve figured out and chosen these keywords, you can begin creating content around them on your service area pages. There are a number of keyword research tools you can utilize for this purpose.

Make Sure Each Page Includes Original Content

It’s never a good idea to repeat content, even if it’s from your own site. Each of your service area pages should have unique and original copy to avoid posting duplicate content and being flagged by search engines. Each page can have a similar template if you find one that looks good and reads smoothly, but make sure the copy is unique.

Your content should also be at least 400 words to avoid being flagged as thin content and to fully utilize the SEO benefits. You can achieve this work count by including information about your services, your business, or anything else you want your website visitors to know about your business.

Include Relevant and Informative Content

Search engines like to see content that is relevant to your site and services. You may want to include 2-3 sentences specific to the area to make each page unique to the location. You can include a brief paragraph about your business, and describe each of its services. This is also an excellent opportunity to add internal links to your service pages for additional SEO benefits. Also, be sure to include a call to action clearly on the page so visitors can reach out to you for services or a purchase.

Add Media

It’s a good idea to add an image, video, or other media to your service area page. If you have an image of the area you are creating the page for, that can be a great addition to make the page even more unique to the location. Be sure to include appropriate alt text.

You can also add an interactive map that allows you to display your business’s service area. This is a great way to add media to your service area pages while creating a visual that will inform website visitors of the areas you serve.

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