How Can I Optimize My Landing Page for Adwords?

For the majority of firms utilizing Google AdWords and other PPC platforms, conversions are usually the ultimate goal. Whether it is a purchase, contact form submission, or phone call, you certainly want to be sure you are getting your money’s worth. While effective ad text and relevant keywords are certainly important in terms of increasing your ad’s quality score, your landing page is where you can truly capture valuable leads.

How Can I Optimize My Landing Page for Adwords?

As with most pages on your website, content is king. Making sure your landing page is filled with original and engaging content should be your top priority. For example, if you are advertising the lawnmowers that your company sells, you should be sure to write a sufficient amount of content centered around the lawnmowers being sold. Additionally, including eye-popping photos and videos of your lawnmowers in action is also a best practice.

Next, you want to be sure to feature strong calls-to-action wherever possible. Tailor your calls-to-action to your audience, and most importantly, end goals. Make sure the calls to action stick out from the other content on the page and for more well-known firms, evaluate whether the messages, color scheme and logos are consistent with the rest of your website. Furthermore, any promotions, discounts or sales included in your ad should also find their way onto your landing page.

Finally, don’t forget about SEO. Optimize the page title, meta description and URL of your landing page to match the keyword you are targeting. Such will benefit your organic search results while simultaneously improving your paid efforts.

In sum, optimal landing pages are visually-appealing pieces that include relevant content, strong calls to action, and maintain the consistency of your brand.

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