How Can I Optimize My Ecommerce Site For The Holidays?

Everyone knows that the pandemic made online shopping the most popular way for loved ones to purchase gifts for the holidays. This method has become increasingly more helpful over time. Now that many people have adjusted their lifestyles to online shopping, it is inevitable that it will be used this holiday season avidly. If you are an e-commerce site looking for the best ways to attract customers to your business, continue reading to discover how to optimize your site for the holidays best. 

How Do I Let My Customers Know The Last Shipping Date For Their Orders To Arrive Before The Holidays?

There are a few different ways to implement this. First, you can upload a sitewide banner across your header, which indicates to customers the last day of shipping. The text can be linked to one of your pages that incorporates particular holiday shipping guidelines. Not only will your customers be appreciative of your heads-up, but they will be likely to return for the next holiday knowing they have a guaranteed shipping date to order by. 

Second, you can create a deal for a product on your site, specifically with a top item for the holiday they are looking to purchase. This creates an incentive for customers to shop as they believe they get their money’s worth before the deal expires. 

Lastly, if your business offers free shipping, you can implement a specific message on the products that suit the holiday. This message can say something along the lines of “Your item is guaranteed to arrive on time for X holiday”. In addition to adding these messages on specific products, you can offer sitewide free shipping. Both of these methods are good additions to your e-commerce site, as they provide customers with an excellent reason to buy your products now. 

How Can Loyal Customers Get A Good Deal On My Products?

If you have the resources to pull information from your database, discover which clients purchase the most often through your site. From there, you can send these clients an email with the option to create a VIP account, or you can create a private login so only they can access special offers on your site. Not only does this generate business-to-consumer loyalty, but it allows you to provide more incentive for these customers if they believe they are purchasing good deals. In the end, this may result in a higher profit as your loyal customers will make a purchase regardless of their values. You will have access to email these VIPs, allowing them to opt-in to receiving Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other special holiday deals. 

Where Can I Get Started?

If you’re seeking additional help for your e-commerce site, allow the experts at Boston Web Marketing to assist. We have all of the right resources, as well as training, to provide you with precisely what you need. To get started, contact us today by calling (857) 526-0096 or emailing us at We look forward to assisting you!

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