How Can I Optimize My E-Commerce Site?

How Can I Optimize My E-Commerce Site?

SEO is important for all websites, especially e-commerce sites since a majority of online shoppers begin their search with some type of search engine.

Here are a few SEO strategies that you should take into consideration on your e-commerce site:

  • Create a long-tail keyword list and head terms list: Long-tail keywords are longer and usually more specific while head terms are keywords that users enter into search engines
  • Keep the organization of your website simple: You want to make sure that users are able to flow through your site easily in as few as clicks as possible.
  • Basic SEO: Make sure your website has clean URLs, correct internal linking, optimize for mobile, and schema markup 
  • On-site SEO: Page titles, meta and product descriptions, add any type of social media buttons, as well as add variety of images

If you have an e-commerce website, you should be using all of these practices in order to generate new users and increase traffic to your website!

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