How Can I Optimize My Corporate Instagram Account?

Even with its 500 million active monthly users, Instagram is still considered one of the “newer” social media platforms, having burst onto the scene in 2010. Over the last few years, Instagram has become a place to focus part of your social media marketing strategy, but getting your content in front of viewers is competitive. That is why you should take certain steps to optimize your business’ Instagram profile.
The first step you should take is to optimize your Instagram handle. Your handle would ideally match your business name, but with the amount of users on Instagram, there is a chance your handle might already be taken. If this is the case, alter your handle by having your business name, followed by an extra detail at the end, such as “BostonWebMarketingMA.” Adding a prefix could bring down your search ranking.
Add a call to action in your bio. Your URL section should always have a link to your website that is easily trackable for your analytics. Change the URL often to match your current marketing campaign or services you want people to be aware of, and promote the link in posts. 75% of all Instagram users will click on a link in a sponsored post, so it’s important to use the link to your advantage.
Make sure you are posting quality content. Most brands only post five times per week, and because it is a visual medium, it’s important to only post the best content for your brand. You can have fun and post things that show a whimsical side, but make sure you keep your target audience engaged. After some trial and error, post at the time where you can get the highest reach, likes and visits to your website.
After your Instagram profile is optimized, it is important to make sure your reputation stays safe. This means monitoring your content for abuse and spam. Respond to comments that need responding to, and mute trolls spamming your content.

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