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How Can I Optimize my Content for Google?

For those just starting out with SEO, optimizing your content can seem complicated, but it’s a vital step to take. Here are some tips to ensure that your content is well optimized and improves your ranking.

  • If your website is built with Worpress, there are various plugins to download to help with optimizing your content. To add meta titles and descriptions to your content, we suggest downloading All in One SEO. There are hundreds of plugins that can help improve your content for search engines and users.
  • When adding titles, they should be an accurate portrayal of the content, all while catching the user’s attention and getting search engines to find you. You only have a certain amount of characters so make them count!
  • Adding H tags helps search engines identify the most important parts of your content. They range from H1-H6 and highlight the topics that you’re writing about.
  • When it comes to URLs, they should be created for search engines and users, while highlighting your content.
  • Meta descriptions are used to give readers and search engines a brief summary of the page’s content. They should be descriptive, without going overboard with keywords. If you use a keyword, make sure that it is relevant to the content you’re describing.
  • If you use an image in your content, make sure you optimize it as they can show up in Google’s Image Search. To optimize an image, you’ll need to add alt text. This is basically a description of the image in the event that your image is broken. The alt text will show, informing users of what should be there.
  • Not only will your users enjoy new content added to your website, but search engines love it too.  New content doesn’t need to be added daily, but it should be on some sort of regular schedule. It’s also important to remember that when it comes to content, it’s quality, not quantity.

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