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How Can I Optimize If My Business Has Multiple Locations?

Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for local businesses. It was found that almost half of all Google searches are revolved around local businesses. This is most likely because people are constantly searching for the services they need in their area. This makes having a great online presence essential. The question that often comes up is how do you optimize online if your business has more than one location. Here are some tips for optimizing your business for multiple locations. 

Only Have One Website

It is important to not have a separate website for each location of your business. Having multiple websites is not only more work on your end but it becomes expensive. Having just one website will allow you to spend all your online time working on that one website instead of trying to add most of the same information to multiple sites. Having one website will also help you optimize it to the fullest which will result in better rankings on the search engine which then leads to more business. 

Build Out Pages for Each Location 

Instead of multiple websites, what you should do is build out separate pages on your website for each location. Having separate pages for each location will allow you to put everything that location offers on one page. It will also allow you to optimize each page fully with its specific details so that Google will help rank your website for each location you offer. This will result in your website showing up on search results for multiple areas which is great because you will then be reaching multiple audiences. 

Create a Google My Business for Each Location

Another way to optimize your website for multiple locations is to create a Google My Business profile for each location. Google My Business is Google’s service for helping businesses control how they appear on Google and Maps. By claiming and optimizing a profile for each location, you are taking control of your Google presence. This will also help you keep the details of each location organized in one spot. 

Create Multiple Listings for Each  Location

Getting listed in local directories for each location is very important when it comes to SEO. When you create multiple listings within one website, Google will positively recognize that. This will help you get as much SEO visibility as possible. 

Get Google Reviews for Each Location

Positive reviews are such an important piece of marketing that sometimes businesses forget about. It was found that 85% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase and 49% of consumers look to see if the business has at least 4 stars before considering them. Reviews are also what often show up on Google search results so it’s important to get as many as you can to further your SEO strategies. 

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