How Can I Optimize for PPC?

Whether you are doing Google AdWords or Bing Ads, PPC optimization is important to help improve your paid search advertising campaigns’ performance.
Below are are some recommendations to get you started.

  • Search engine optimization and PPC are all about keywords. They drive ads on search engines. It is important to have a sufficient amount of keywords because, without enough keywords, a lot of your budget can be wasted. The number of keywords in an ad group should be around 15-20. Then you are able to create customized ads that can gain a higher CTR and quality score while most importantly reduce CPC.

  • If you are using broad matching and close variant matching, some strange searches can bring your ads to appear on the SERP. In order to avoid further occurrence, go to the search terms tab and review any search terms that might be unrelated to your campaign. Also, look for the terms that are related to job hunting, products/service you don’t offer, and any other search terms that you don’t want your ad to show up for. Once you have a complete list, use the negative keywords function to make these search terms negative so your ad won’t show up again. The search terms must be monitored consistently.

  • The number of ads per ad group also needs to be optimized. There are many options to test how many ads should be used. The first one is to use two ads, with one being a control ad, the other being a test ad. Another strategy is to use two or three ads and let Google choose the best performer. Then delete and replace the poorest performer. The last one is Google recommends. Create three to four ads for each ad group. AdWords rotates ads automatically to display the best performing ads more often. As a PPC specialist, we are always looking for the highest conversion rate, lowest cost per conversion, and highest CTR to determine our KPIs. There are also third-party testing tools that can give you very detailed insights.


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