How Can I Optimize Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an effective and simple way to reach out to customers and promote business. Other benefits to email marketing include growing a consumer base, advertise new products, and drive conversions. Email Marketing has been reported to be more effective to gain new customers over social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. But if you are unsure how to take advantage of email marketing, then it could be useless. Here are a few tips on how to be successful with email marketing:

  • Make your Emails Personable: Using your personal or business name as the “From” address can help your email marketing efforts. Customers will recognize the familiar email rather than an anonymous one. It’s always a good idea to fill in the first name field and connect to your subscribers by name.
  • Create Intriguing Subject Lines: Since it’s very common for your emails to get piled into someone’s inbox, make your subject line unique and captivating. Increase the value of your  content by using powerful words that will catch user’s eye like, “amazing” or “impressive.”
  • First Line is Important: The first line in an email or newsletter you send out to customers is critical. Your opening line should capture the reader’s attention and makes them want to continue reading.
  • Optimize the Content: Don’t put useless content in your newsletter, if you do a majority of people send your emails straight to spam. When writing emails to customers make sure you provide value and help subscribers connect with your content.

When you begin to create quality email marketing newsletters you will begin to see an increase in your conversions and make your business more visible.

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