How Can I Optimize a Successful Remarketing Campaign?

Recapturing your audience’s attention is an extremely effective marketing technique. If you are not doing so, you are probably at a huge disadvantage. Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is simply the process of serving targeted ads towards people who just recently visited your site or completed a call to action. It allows users to see these ads shortly after they have left your site. These targeted ads commonly appear on websites and social media platforms those users are on. It may come off “creepy” to most users, but it is a very beneficial technique for marketers. Read on to learn more about remarketing and three ways to optimize a successful marketing campaign. 

Set Clear Remarketing Objectives

It is important to know that remarketing is unlike any PPC ads that would generate a higher amount of traffic to your website. Remarketing will rather help brands get out there and influence conversions even if it is not the last ad a user has seen before their purchase. Remarketing dramatically can increase your ROI and conversion rates because users who are already familiar with your brand and site are more likely to come back and complete a call to action.

Three Ways To Optimize A Successful Remarketing Campaign


Understand the buyer cycle

When looking to create retargeting campaigns, it is crucial that you fully understand the buyer cycle. The cycle starts with awareness, familiarity, consideration, purchase, and then loyalty. Remarketing’s nature is to capture more consumers as they make their way through the cycle. But if you ignore the buyer cycle, you can actually cause more harm in conversion rates by losing awareness of your ads. Marketers need to understand their data and find out what is successful and who is converting on what.

Watch for the frequency of the ads

Frequency is not something marketers first think of when creating an ad. Most people become annoyed when seeing the same ad follow them for more than five times. It is important to watch out for these patterns and avoid the same person from viewing it an obnoxious amount of times or they will not want to be a customer. The right amount of frequency lets customers become reminded of your product without noticing it as a bother. 

Keep them being customers

Remarketing is trained to follow a user until they purchase your item, but it is important to not be too creepy or they won’t be a customer. Understanding your audience that you’re targeting can help better a relationship with them. If a customer recently purchased a toaster oven, it is important to not keep showing that same ad or a similar toaster oven because odds are they are not looking to buy one anymore. In order to keep them coming back for more, it is best to show items of other products to remind them to come back to your site. 

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