How Can I Most Effectively Share My Blog Post on Social Media?

In the SEO world, writing blogs and pushing out content is crucial. It is important for search engines, visitors on your website and building upon your social media accounts. After writing your informative and riveting blog, you should be sure that it gets shared online so everyone that follows you has the opportunity to read it. This is a basic step you can make in order to promote your new page.

Simply sharing your blog is good, but if you want to get the most out of each post, be sure to follow these tips:

Piggyback: The idea with the piggyback tip is to use someone else’s post on social media to help share and spread your own new blog. One example could be finding a popular figure or brand that has shared a relative post on social media. After finding post, you can share it yourself on your page and write your own comment right below it.

Under this post, you could comment how you feel about the topic and then link your blog there.

Co-Author Posts: If you have around 5,000 followers on social media and share a post, chances are you have around 5,000 people that could potentially see your post. If you have a friend or a partner with another 5,000 friends, that doubles the amount of potential viewers. To increase the views on a post, someone else can share your post or they can rewrite it from their own platform.

If you occasionally do this for each other, it will look completely organic and you will directly seek the benefits.

Use a Question is Your Title: This tip is extremely simple but can go a long way. By asking a question in your social media post, you are making a potential reader think that they’re missing out on something. It is the thought that someone is missing out, that pushes them to take action in life. An example of this could be:

How to use SEO to Increase Your Business

This is a good title and post idea but when sharing and re-sharing it on social media, it may get worn out. Try using a question like this:

Did you know SEO can increase your business’s success? Here’s the secret.

Ask People For Participation: When someone shares a post or likes a post, the visibility of it vastly increases. One way to get increased interaction is to ask a question that gives two answers. People can either vote with a Retweet or a Favorite. It creates a fun way for people to vote and when you attach your related blog, it gets increased clicks!

Share Stats from the Post: Instead of just posting the title of the post, you can start right off with an intriguing stat from the article. With listing off a cool or interesting stat or fact, people will be intrigued to read about it more.

Writing a blog is the first half of the battle and sharing it on social media is the second half of the battle. With the tips and strategies listed above, you can get the most out of each post.

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