How Can I Monitor Negative SEO Activity?

Negative SEO can be monitored with the same tools and resources used to measure your site’s performance and ranking. Anything that harm’s your brand, reputation, visibility or traffic are all considered forms of negative SEO. In some cases, competitors may steal your best links or build untrustworthy links to your sites, leading to poor SEO. Monitoring negative SEO is actually quite simple when you use the right tools and services.

1. Google Webmaster Tools

When you verify your site through Google Webmaster Tools, set up notifications to warn you of malware or suspicious activity. Being addressed of low-quality links immediately will allow you to start disavowing the links.

2. Monitor Backlinks

Through Monitor Backlinks, you can receive daily updates of any links that are directed to your site. When you see a change in status alert, this may be an indication that your links are being stolen or you have lost a strong link.

3. Authority Labs

Authority Labs is a great way to see any drop in keyword rankings. This resource also sends out weekly emails to changes in your keyword ranking and historical changes in the dashboard.

4. Rival IQ

To see how competitors are getting ahead, check out Rival IQ. You can quickly view and analyze keywords that bring traffic to their website, landing pages and on-site optimization.



Although you want to believe that a competitor may not be targeting your website, it is always best to take precaution.  Monitoring your presence with the tools listed above can play a great impact on your SEO.

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