How Can I Maximize Web Traffic from Social Media?

Social media has a larger reach than anyone could have anticipated, with over two billion users on Facebook alone and an additional five social platforms with over one billion users. Having a presence for your business on these sites can be critical to accessing and interacting with potential customers looking for local companies for specific products and services. In addition to optimizing your pages for customer interaction, it’s important to make sure you provide plenty of opportunities for users to navigate to and interact with your website, including driving conversions. Follow these tips to optimize your page and content in order to send users to your website!

Build Out Your Pages

Creating your pages is not enough to get people to go to them: from your Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, you need to make sure you include as much information as possible in order to provide customers with ways to contact your business. You also need to determine what you want the voice of your page to be: do you want it to be more professional, or do you want it to have a more personal touch when speaking to customers? After determining your voice, you’ll need to figure out which platforms will be the most beneficial to your business. While Facebook and Twitter are nearly a given due to their local reach, if you have a visual service or are looking to sell products online, an Instagram page will provide a space for more photo-based content. Make sure each account has your logo, a relevant cover image, link to your website, phone number and an address if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront.

Curate Content

Social media requires constant maintenance between posting content and responding to customer interactions. The only way you are going to drive positive comments and engagement is through good content. Make sure each post has an engaging photo, relevant text and a link to a corresponding page on your website. You can repost links as often as you need, depending on sales and season. Because you are looking to attract new customers while keeping previous ones engaged, it is important to make sure you maintain or increase the quality of your social media content and point users to the site. You can use links to blogs, services and the contact page as links for social media.

Post Regularly

Make sure you are on a routine posting schedule, at least two to three times per week. Make sure you answer mentions, comments and messages promptly and continue participating in discussions about your services.

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