How Can I Maximize the Effectiveness of Hashtags?

According to Trackmaven, about 65,000 posts on social media provide insights on how hashtags vary on each platform. While it can be quite difficult to determine how to use hashtags, they have become almost unavoidable on social media channels.


When it comes to Facebook, you only need to use one hashtag to increase audience engagement. By using one hashtag, you can have an engagement of 1,771 interactions and an increased use can cause a decline of engagement. Compared to a post using five hashtags, a post with six hashtags has a higher post engagement.


Instagram utilizes hashtags the most and you can use up to 30 hashtags in a post. Studies found that nine hashtags in a post bring the most interactions. You can still accrue a high number of interactions with 15 hashtags.


Since Twitter has a limit of 140 characters, you’re a bit limited on the amount of hashtags you can use. You can use about 10 hashtags and gain some engagement.


Each social media platform has it’s own rules but it’s common knowledge that hashtags will enhance your posts. Use hashtags in context, include a caption, relate to your audience, use relevant content, research popular hashtags for your brand.



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