How Can I Maximize My Site’s Meta Descriptions?

When creating content for your website, whether it be a blog post or a landing page, you should always follow best SEO practices to make sure that content is as optimized as possible for search engines. This includes creating meta descriptions, or the snippets of content underneath the page title in search engine results. A meta description is an opportunity to incorporate context to both users and search engines in 160 characters. So what can you do to make the most of them?

Summarize Your Page’s Content in an Eye-Catching Manner 

As mentioned above, a meta description can be found right under a page title on a search engine result page. They tend to be brief and to the point, search engines only display a certain amount of characters before ending it with a “…”. So make the most of that short snippet of text that is allowed and use it to summarize your page’s content in a way that is informative and eye-catching. It will not only attract users to your website, but it will also provide context to a search engine such as Google when it crawls your site. With a meta description that is contextually relevant to the topic you are posting about on your page, Google will then rank it along with other websites that are posting about the topic that you are writing about/want to be searched for.

Tastefully Incorporate Keywords 

We all know the importance of keywords in SEO; Incorporate the right ones in your content without forcing anything or stuffing them, and you will be rewarded with better rankings. This practice also applies to meta descriptions. In fact, if you use a long or short-tail keyword in your description that is often used in a search query, Google will highlight it in bold on SERPs.

Stay Within the Character Count 

Google is strict about keeping meta descriptions within the 160 character limit. In fact, if you go over it, your page Google may not show your description at all and will rewrite the description altogether as they see fit. If your description is too short (let’s say less than 140 characters), a search engine will view your description as lacking in any substantial information. This can also have a negative impact on your ranking.

Include a Call-to-Action 

This is your moment to potentially attract potential customers and make a conversion within seconds of someone seeing your site on a SERP. Whether it’s a phone number or an urging of a customer to start a free trial of a product, creating a sense of urgency for your customer in a meta description gives them a better incentive to interact with your business in some capacity.

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