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How Can I Maximize My Content?

Content is a huge part of the SEO process, but many website visitors might view content as clutter or useless junk. It is important to create content that is engaging and useful to visitors and will encourage them to stay on page for longer periods of time, hopefully leading to more conversions.


With the Google algorithm shifting towards favoring content rich sites over the past few years, SEO marketers have shifted towards creating great content rather than focusing on links. However, this has led to many SEOs just spewing out content that may not be relevant or held any use to the websites business. A recent study found that most content that is being put out on the web is underperforming in one way or another, it was said about 60% of all content created by the top web brands is irrelevant, not good, or doesn’t have any value.


So, what would an SEO need to do to make sure they maximize their content output? Take a look below for a few tips:


Know your audience and why you are creating the content:


If your content doesn’t have a purpose then there is no reason to even create it in the first place. In order to create content that your audience actually wants to read you have to take few things into consideration. First, you want to understand what the demographics of your audience so you know what style of writing would be the best to resonate. Next, you have to define whether the purpose of the content is to retain audience or attract new readers to the content.


People that expect content that:


  • Is entertaining
  • Tells a story
  • Provides a solution to a problem or question
  • Creates events or experiences to look forward to


Remember, less is more:


A lot of consumers and readers of web content believe that most of it is useless clutter. Sometimes, you don’t need to always have fresh content constantly. It is far more important to take a step back and make sure all the content you are putting out is of good quality and you are not just posting for the sake of posting.

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