How Can I Manage Multiple Google My Business Accounts for Service Area Businesses?

A major asset to any small business owner is a Google My Business listing. With a few clicks and after filling out important information such as address, phone number and service area, your business will be equipped with a free listing that will be able to populate in search results and capture leads through website interaction and phone calls. If you have a business that performs services across an expansive area, you may have set up multiple Google My Business accounts to make sure you show up for your desired customer base. If you have multiple listings, there are several things you can do to make sure it is fully optimized.

Create Localized Landing Pages

Local landing pages, or service area pages, can be written for cities and towns located within a specific service area in order to let Google (and your customers) know that you perform work in those locations. Service area pages help authenticate your brand, as well as its relationship to your listing. Localized landing pages also improve the user experience on your site, letting potential clients know that you do in fact work in their area and are familiar with local culture. An improved user experience can also help boost conversions and lead to further business dealings from referrals down the line. By implementing a Schema markup on the page, you’ll be able to help your ranking and provide correct information for your customers.

Verify Your Local Listings

When you begin to build out your business’ online presence, you will need to verify each Google listing. There are a few methods you can use to verify your business. If you own the business in the Google Search Console, you will be able to instantly verify the information and existence of the business. Most of the time, you will need to verify a different way. Phone verification can take place within minutes, with an automated number calling you with a code to enter into your listing.  This option is not always available. The most common form of verification is through mail, in which a postcard is sent to the business address in the listing. Most postcards arrive within five days. This will need to be repeated for each listing you are managing.

Become More Visible in Maps

A combination of additional localized pages and optimized listings will be able to help build your brand across your service area and see an increased presence in the Maps group of listings. However, you may not see results immediately and it will require continuous work and updated pages to maintain positive outcomes.

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