How Can I Make My Website More Mobile Friendly?

With virtually everyone owning a smartphone nowadays, it’s no surprise that a business may see many conversions through a tablet or a mobile device. In fact, mobile responsiveness is so important, that Google has begun indexing the mobile versions of a website before reaching the desktop version. With how seriously mobile-versions of websites are taken nowadays, it’s incredibly crucial to include them in your SEO strategies. A quick, dynamic, responsive website that is easy to use on a mobile device can provide an incredible boost to your rankings. So what steps can you take to achieve that?

Audit Your Website 

Auditing your website simply means to fully analyze all aspects of your website that affect its visibility to search engines. This can mean going through the Google Analytics account that holds the site’s information and simply checking to see how many users are visiting it through their mobile device and how many versions come from visits of said users. 

Afterwards, using a tool such as the Google Mobile Friendly Test can take an even deeper look into your site’s responsiveness and tell you if it’s mobile friendly or not. See examples below.

Google Mobile test - moble friendly Google Mobile test- not mobile friendly

Make your Website Responsive and Dynamic 

Whether it be through certain plugins or writing in some Javascript code, having the mobile version of your website fast and easy to interact with can do wonders for your consumers’ user experience. Some ideas worth noting include:

  • An easy-to-use menu option to navigate through your website. Think of the infamous “hamburger” button we see on many websites
  • Make internal links to your website incredibly visible 
  • Installing a theme on your website that is dynamic and responsive

Implementing these ideas onto your website can make the mobile version a greater success from both a user and SEO standpoint. When it comes to more visual aspects, however, be sure that the code for those visuals or functionalities are as easy to read for search engine bots as possible. Otherwise, all of those great details added to your site could be disregarded and hurt your ranking!

Make the Most Necessary Info/Actions Visible 

You only have so much room to operate with on any version of a website. Having rich, informative content is very important, but being able to include incentives for users to interact with your website and make a purchase or fulfill the desired action is also highly relevant. That’s why with the little room you have for the mobile version of your website, it’s important to make the call-to-actions one of the biggest parts of the mobile version of the page of your website. CTA’s such as clickable phone numbers should be one of the most visible factors of it. 

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