How Can I Make My Website More Interactive?

One of the hardest parts about securing a conversion is done; you’ve gotten your prospective audience to click on your website’s link. So, what’s next? In order for you to bridge the gap between click and conversion, you’ll want to convince your audience that your services are the best around! A great way of accomplishing this is to make your website more interactive. We aren’t just talking about clicking menu options here! Read on to discover some great ways of helping users to interact with your website.

Progress Galleries

One of the best ways of convincing your potential clients of your services is if they’re able to see those services in action. They’ll want to see how these services create a noticeable change from what was there previously. Interactive before and after photos can be a great way of making this happen! Services like junk removal, contracting, and landscaping can benefit tremendously from this. Simply show a picture of the space when you arrived, and prompt the user to click to see the after result. Seeing the change for themselves will make them more likely to pursue your work.

Short Quizzes

Educating people about things they may not have known about before could play to your business’s benefit! The main idea here is to educate people about a lesser known fact that makes your services look more attractive. For example, a scrap metal recycling service may look to educate its audience about the dangers of dumping scrap metal. A quiz with statistics relating to it can help them to see the bigger picture. Make sure that whatever is in your quiz is directly relevant to your business’s services!

Tutorial Videos

Let’s say that someone has a question that relates to your business’s services. Your services can’t directly answer the question, but they can help to point them in the direction of your company. A tutorial video is a great way of accomplishing this! If your business sells a product that requires maintenance, making a tutorial video about the best ways to do so will help to increase trust between you and your audience. It may help to address a frequently asked question here, too!

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