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How Can I Make My Service Area Pages Unique?

One of the best things that you can do to improve your website’s SEO for a given location is to create a service area page for it. In a typical service area page, you’ll want to give the reader a brief overview of the services that you provide to the area. However, there’s a fine line that you need to tread on here! If you aren’t careful, your service area pages could look like duplicate content to Google’s search algorithm. It can have a pretty negative impact on your site, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be avoided! We highlight the best tips for making your service area pages unique.

Include A Description Of The Area

In order to make your service area pages unique, you should make them specific to the area! Before you dive into some of the services you offer to the location, do a little research into the town itself. You can then use some of the information you find to diversify your page content. Some helpful things that you can include in this part of the page are:

  • The town’s location in relation to your company headquarters
  • The town’s population
  • Interesting things to do around the area
  • Noteworthy landmarks located in the town (colleges, parks, museums, etc.)
  • Why your services are relevant in this area

You can mix and match what info you include, but the more you can make it unique to the area, the better!

Switch Up Your Anchor Text

When making service area pages, it’s always a good practice to include hyperlinks to the specific service pages on your site. After all, they’ll encourage the people who come to your website to view more of its pages! However, this is another area that you have to be cautious about. A lot of hyperlinks that use the same anchor text to lead to the same page can look bad to Google’s algorithm. For this reason, you should mix up the anchor text that you use to link to your website’s pages.

Switch Up Your Included Services

A service area page doesn’t have to include all of the services you provide to an area! Mixing up what services you choose to include on a page is one of the best ways to make your service area page unique. Another thing that you can try is to explain how your service can help for that specific location. It shouldn’t read like it’s coming directly from the service page itself!

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