How Can I Make My Email Stand out in Someone’s Inbox?

While working with email marketing, it is important that you establish relationships with your email subscribers. This can be a tough task to accomplish when your email subscribers are running busy lives and don’t have time to read emails that are poorly designed and irrelevant.

So, how can you create an email that will stand out in any busy person’s inbox? Here are 5 easy steps you can follow to guarantee an increased open rate.

Perfect Your Subject Line

Although it is a very important key in an email, don’t lose sleep over it! Simplicity works best. Create a subject line that will instill some curiosity into the reader. Keep the subject line short, put all the most important words in the beginning, and highlight the value your email has to offer. By letting people know exactly what your email is about with just an enticing few words, it is more likely people will open it. 

Send Emails During Off-Peak Hours

People often send emails during the week to avoid spamming people’s inboxes over the weekend. However, it was found that open rates for emails sent on Saturday and Sunday are higher than those for emails sent during the week. Because of this, you may want to readjust your strategy and send important emails on the weekend. Try this for a few weeks and see if your open rates increase!

Create a Great Opening Sentance

Within your email browser, you often see the first sentence of the email after the subject line. This first sentence is extremely important as to whether someone is going to open it and continue reading your message or instantly delete it. Make sure your first sentence is very personalized to the reader and includes an important phrase to catch their attention.

Don’t Sound Like a Robot

The goal of email marketing is for readers to take action, which is why you need to relate to them on a personal level. Don’t make your emails sound so generic because people will not give it the time of day. 

Remain Professional

It’s okay to feel comfortable with your subscribers, just make sure that you are still using an appropriate tone. If you sound unprofessional it is less likely that people will take your email seriously. 

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