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How Can I Make My Content Smarter?

It seems as though things in the SEO world are always changing. Just when you think you’re settling into a comfortable groove there comes an update that shifts things a bit. Amongst that change, however, is one steadfast constant: content. Content is what drives a majority of your customer engagements, interactions, experiences, and conversions. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that less than half of marketers think their organization knows what it takes to run a successful marketing campaign. To add more fuel to the fire, half of B2B content doesn’t get any engagement at all. To think of all the time put into producing said content only to know that no one is actually looking at it. But, don’t despair! There are ways to craft smarter content that will stand a greater chance of user engagement. Let’s take a look at a few pointers…

1.) Get to Know Your Audience. Be Specific.

Consumers engage with your brand because they like what you provide and *hopefully* like what you stand for. So, when it comes to content, they are looking for material that provides insightful information about your industry. If you want your content to be smart, you have to structure your content for a specific audience based on their overall needs and preferences. In order to understand them better, you must look into what their intent is when performing certain searches, in addition to understanding what actions they are likely to take after engaging your brand on social media or conducting online searches.

2.) Make SEO a Core Aspect of Your Content

While drafting content, it can be easy to slip up on using as many key words as you could have. If you want users to more readily check out your content, you need to be optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, subheadings, images, and text. All of those things should be done in line with up to date SEO practices. Also, you can keep consumers engaged by being smart with internal linking. Include links that not only improve the overall user experience, but also allow your high converting content to resurface at a decent clip.

3.) Email is Important

If you highly enjoy a brand and actively engage with it, odds are you want to hear from the company at least once in a while. You wouldn’t be alone in thinking this either. Over 80% of consumers want to receive at least one monthly email from the brands they readily interact with. Capture your audience with content that is going to make them click through and check out what you’ve created. Just try to not sell your audience every step of the way. It is the content’s job to influence conversions, not incessant reminders to make a purchase or schedule an appointment.
If you can apply these three tips to your content generation strategy, you’re well on your way to smarter content. Don’t be a stranger to the true wants of your audience. Get to know them better and you’ll likely see a spike in engagement. Content is king, so it’s important to understand how to do it right.

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