How Can I Keep Business Flowing During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 crisis is affecting businesses and markets worldwide. While many businesses have had to close altogether until further notice, some are still in full or partial operation at this time. Regardless of the status of your business, you should keep consumers updated and try to stay active online to maintain your following. Check out our tips for optimizing your digital marketing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Update Periodically

Whether your business is closed, partially operating, or in full operation, make sure the general public is aware. You can do this by setting up a banner on your website’s home page, creating an informational page, and updating social media & all other platforms. Even if nothing changes, don’t forget to update periodically to remind your following that you are still active, wishing them well, and looking forward to continuing business. You will especially want to remind them if you are open!

Make Personal Connections

This emergency is the perfect time for everyone to come together, especially small businesses and their community. If you are doing anything to help the situation, like making masks for healthcare workers, post about it! Even if you are not able to have your normal business flow, this is the perfect time to give back and encourage others to do so too. Ask what your following is doing and

Promote Services Wherever Possible

Even if you are not open for business at the moment, prebooking is something you could begin to utilize to get a headstart on the future months. Many businesses are also creating new remote ways to operate, such as offering virtual quotes over video chat. The best way to make the most out of your digital presence at this time is to speak with a digital marketing professional to learn your options!

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